The Best Way I Could Describe It At Your Brain Essay

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There is a main pathway that light follows to get to your brain. The best way I could describe it to you is by advising you to look at an image, all sensory information that enters through the inside half of your eye (so metaphorically speaking, picture your eye and then draw a diagonal line across your eye towards your nose) will cross over to the opposite half of each side of your brain through the optic chiasm, this makes sure that both halves of your brain are seeing the same image. All sensory information that is seen on the outside of your eye (or the area I told you to picture) will stay on that same side of the brain, without the use of crossing over. All sensory information will end up going through the thalamus, a sensory relay station (subway station) and then will be directed up to the occipital lobe because it houses the primary Visual Cortex in your brain. This area of your brain is what is concerned with vision. In this song, the singer is describing how their eyes are sensing sensory information and through the use of the Cornea, Iris, Pupil, Lens, Retina, Fovea, Rods, Cones, and the optic nerve, they are able to perceive the sensory information as the rain is leaving and the clouds are disappearing, thus causing them to see more clearly! They can only see more clearly because of the visual receptors, Rods and Cones, that lie in the retina! With the clouds disappearing the person’s cones will start to step in because the environment is starting to get
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