The Best Way Tackle The Problem Of Obesity

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The best way to tackle the problem of obesity is by targeting specific factors in a person’s life.8 These factors can include changes at the personal, environmental and socioeconomic levels.8 The MOVE! program tries to focus on these factors and encourage participants to change their eating habits and add exercise into their daily activities. Focusing on both the food environment, as well as the social environment, may lead to extreme health benefits for the overweight population.9 The aim of the MOVE! program is to encourage Veterans to be successful in long term weight management. Statistics show that approximately twenty percent of people who attempt weight loss are successful in long term weight loss/management if they continue their plan for at least a year, in addition to loosing at least ten percent of their initial weight.10 The objectives put in place while working with the MOVE! program are to not only determine success, but also to provide more outlets in order for participants to meet their long term goals. The objectives that have been set are as follows:
1. Determine the success of the MOVE! weight management program to reduce weight by at least two percent among all participants who complete at least seven of the sixteen week MOVE! program classes, as measured by recorded metrics before and after program completion.
2. By the beginning of December 2016, I will have established collaborative relationships between community programs and the Hampton VA Medical

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