The Best Ways For Health Care And The Highest Level Of Patient Safety

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The Best Ways to Mitigate Errors in Healthcare Settings INTRODUCTION The main objective of healthcare professionals is to provide the best quality of patient care and the highest level of patient safety. To achieve that objective, there are many organizations that help to improve the quality of care. One of the best examples is the Joint Commission. Unfortunately, the healthcare system is not free from total risks. In healthcare activities, there are possible errors, mistakes, near miss and adverse events. All of those negative events are unfortunately preventable. But, it is clear that errors caused in healthcare thousands of deaths in the United States. In healthcare systems, there is a concept of fair and just culture. That concept is important to manage the risk. In any organization, errors can happen. But, the best first tool to understand the error is to report it when it happens. Reporting error in healthcare contributes to minimize the risk of recurring. Based on the patient safety, patient satisfaction, data, and culture of the institution, it is possible to choose different methods of reducing risk in health care settings. Those methods include ancient methods such flow-sheets, Kardex, sticker reminders, checklists. The EMR is a new and convenient method to mitigate error in health care settings. CONCEPT OF THE ARTICLE This article is prospective and it is analytic. It is based on factual approaches obtained from articles and books. It is based on the

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