The Best Week For Building Educational Success

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The BEST week is the first week of the first year in DCU, it is stands for building educational success, and It is very an important week to recognize the DCU program. In this reflection I will write about the most important things I have learned and also the things I enjoyed it most in the BEST week, which is the information and the knowledge I received, the challenges and the teamwork. Information and knowledge: During the week we had so much information and knowledge about DCU in general and financial in particular. For instance: DCU international center. It is one of the top 50 universities under 50 around the world, which means it is a very strong university. Knowing this information motivate me in somehow and made me feel so proud and it is accomplishment being a part of this program, and I think this will help me to have higher job opportunities in the future. Actually when I went home I got curious to know more about the university so I searched about DCU and I had a look at the DCU website. Not only this, but also the information about our career opportunities like the names of the companies will hire business school international finance graduates. And that has really made me feel secure and my studies will never go in vain. I wrote the company’s names so I do not forget them later and to search about them to know more about what kind of companies I will work on it in the future. Also, there was 2nd and the 3rd year students who volunteered their time to help us
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