The Best Year Of Rider's Life

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It’s been a year since Rider and his family moved to Japan and it has been the best year of Rider’s life not only did he make friends with cool people, but also has an awesome girlfriend in Shiho. Also, during the year, the almost the entire Hashimoto Clan moved to Japan since half of them were killed in the war. His aunts and uncles as well his cousins moved to Japan. Now his senior of high school Rider is this close to reaching his dream. Right now Rider and his cousins are on their way to school. “So Rider this is your final year of high school are you going to miss it?” his cousin Sachi asked. Sachi Hashimoto is 14 years old she has black hair and violet slitted eyes, and she had yet to grown in her fangs. She was wearing the…show more content…
Rider was at his locker and someone decided to surprise him. Placing their hands over his eyes the person said, “guess who?” “Hmm let me guess it’s the girl who keeps this smile on my face and she’s very beautiful. She happens to be my girlfriend Shiho,” Rider said as he turned around to face Shiho. They greeted each other with a kiss as they headed to class. “I can’t believe it’s our senior year I’m really going to miss everybody,” Shiho said. “Yeah. Shiho there’s something I have to talk to you about can you meet me in the parking lot after school?” Rider asked. “Yeah sure I’ll come right after swim practice,” Shiho said. Rider and Shiho bid each other farewell as they headed to their classes. Later on, in the day, Rider was waiting outside the parking lot waiting for Shiho to show up. The twins were at the school’s track field running a couple tracks. Shiho appeared right in front of Rider and waited for him to begin. “You know how we ‘re about to graduate right?” Rider asked. Shiho nodded her head and Rider continued, “you see the thing is I’m heading back to my home world this summer,” Rider said. Shiho was saddened to hear that as she feared the worse. “Are you going to break up with me?” Shiho asked. Rider was surprised when she asked that question. “No no no I’m not going to break up with you,” Rider said. Shiho sighed in relief as Rider continued, “the problem is in order for me to return to my
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