The Bethesda Jazz Club

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Introduction The following paper will provide an overview of the current business environment of the BBJSC. Furthermore a five year business strategy will be outlined, focusing on a possible UK entry by analyzing the UK business environment and the applicability of the current business model. The BBJSC is located in Maryland, close to Washington DC and is well known in the area as an upper class evening entertainment location. It is housed in a completely renovated building that is surrounded by a very nice neighborhood, including close proximity to local businesses, increasing its attractiveness for corporate events. The basic offering consist of different blues and jazz acts accompanied by food and beverages. The limited amount of tickets, that are prices around $10-$40, for these events are usually sold in advance which clearly differentiates this location form a normal dinner location. It is opened from Wednesdays to Fridays offering different events and other than that is available for private bookings. This offering is used by well known companies, as Morgan Stanley or the Bethesda Magazine (source) in the close vicinity of the BBJSC and has received very positive feedback. 2. Business Environment 2.1 US Market The PEST analysis is a well known and widely used method to analyze the environment of a business. It takes in to account political factors, economical factors, social factors and technological factors providing a very good overview and preliminary analysis.
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