The Betrayal Of Aboriginal Peoples

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Mathushanna Tharmalingam Teacher Cynthia Martin Canadian Democracy 306 10 May 2016 The Betrayal of Aboriginal peoples in Canada In Canadian history courses, we studied how the Europeans established in Canada to start a new life. We also learned that Christopher Columbus was the first explorer to discover this empty land, but in contrary, the native Canadians were already living in Canada even before it is discovered. Notwithstanding the European settlers moved in and took over the place. They brought their own Government, they called themselves as the “majority” and they also took the lands of the aboriginal people. Indigenous people are seen differently from the societies, which is running those states. In other words, the Colonists when…show more content…
However, these people are getting cheated over and over by the government. They were manipulated and fooled. Aboriginal people want their way of life to be recognized, their values and their beliefs, rather than the European’s way of life. Each time they sign a treaty they face a disappointment, in other words, they were betrayed by the state. The government of Canada downplayed consistently the significance of Indigenous rights claims and failed to think about the grievances left in the long term. Even to say that the Canadian criminal justice system has abandoned the aboriginal people on a massive scale. It is not only that the justice system has failed Aboriginal people, but also the government was opposed to them. The rights of Indigenous people have been ignored and slowly deprived. This resulted in an injustice towards the Indian bands. People who once ruled their own business independently ended up in poverty and without power. The years go on and these people realize the unfairness about how they were treated by the justice system and the authority. Even if they get their rights back, at the end of the day, whatever rights they may have has no value compared to the state. The authority suppresses their rights. (Asch, M., 2014, Chap. 2) Since the Canadian government has tried to re-emphasise the constitutional concerns for the aborigines but it concluded with a

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