The Better Angels Of Our Nature

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The history of human nature has been bloody, painful, and even destructive. Nonetheless, before understanding their environments humans used to kill each other based on their own mindset on the ideal of violence, and what it actually meant. Pinker describes narratives of violent acts from the past, that today are foreign to us. He gives us a tour of the historical human violence and how the violence in human nature has changed throughout time. The main idea from Pinker’s book,“The Better Angels of Our Nature ', is “for all the dangers we face today, the dangers of yesterday were even worse.” He provides its readers with explicit violent stories beginning from 8000 BCE to now, and describes how violence has evolved from a blood lost to more of a peaceful existence. In chapter one, A Foreign Country, Pinker starts off with the phrase, “life used to be violent and brutal” (Pinker; pg.1) Is that so?! Well, he takes it back to 8000 BCE until around 1970’s, to illustrate flashbacks of how history has prone to be more brutal than we thought. Societies during this time were tribes and free societies, in where men can do as he please. He describes the studies of many archeologists, radiologists, and forensic scientists, whom have become captivated with prehistoric remains that have yielded worldwide interests, as some have actually become part of museum exhibits. Particularly one in Britain, where “many visitors have been charmed by Lindow Man, an almost perfectly preserved
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