The Between Americans And Mexicans

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When comparing Americans and Mexicans, we can assert that Americans value individualism, rights of choices, and focus on “doing rather than being”. Verbal skill as well as eye contact is important during conversations; and touching may be viewed as a form of sexual harassment. Both parents are authorized to work, children achievement as well as freedom of religion is valued. On the other hands, Mexicans are family centered; the father or the oldest man in the house makes decisions. They value closeness, however, eye contact is considered a sign of rudeness. Work is not highly valued though necessary for survival, and may not be on time for appointments. They identify themselves as Catholics, view death as a natural part of life, and one need to endure pain to demonstrate strength; they value traditional medicine over biomedical medicine. Political, Social and Economic Policies and their relation to Culturally Competent Care Despite the increased access to heath care in Mexico, Mexicans do not consider it as the first line of care due to the increased importance given to folk medicine, family and over the counter medicine. Medicine that patients in the US can only get by prescription such as antibiotics IM injections, IV fluids and birth controls this population can purchase them from Mexico at low and be mailed to them in the US. This behavior accounts to the low access to care in the US. Due to low literacy level and socio economic status, many Mexicans in the US
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