The Between Austria Hungary And The German Empire

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In addition to the treaty of London, numerous other treaties and alliances help explain the outbreak of WWI. The Dual Alliance between Austria-Hungary and the German Empire in 1879 ensured a promise of mutual defense if either side was attacked by Russia, and neutrality if attacked by any other nation. Italy joined the Dual Alliance in 1882 forming the Triple Alliance or central powers. Additionally, France formed an alliance with Russia in 1894 and an entente cordiale, or friendship with Britain in 1904. Subsequently, Britain formed an entente with Russia in 1907, effectively forming the Triple Entente. This relationship further exacerbated German fears of encirclement and left if facing a war on two fronts if it attacked or was attacked by one of the members of the Entente. The nations involved perceived these alliances as a form of protection and a deterrent to war. However, as predicted by the spiral mode, it only further increased concerns and decreased trust amongst the belligerents. Additionally, the alliances united the nations together so that, if one country went to war, the others were obligated to honor the alliance and join their partners in war (Tuchman). Consequently, the Austro-Hungarian declaration of war and attack on Serbia caused Russia to enter the war in support of its Slavic ally. This drove France to honor its alliance with Russia and join in war against the Triple Alliance (which Italy subsequently abandoned on the ground that Austria’s

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