The Between Baboons And The Sun

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There are many points of view concerning the classifications of hypocephali. According to Uranic, hypocephali are classified into two types such as Theban type in which the hypocephalus contains three horizontal registers with very few inscriptions beside the scenes and DbA ty type referring to the title of god Osiriswith which the text begins. On the other hand, Gee classified them into six styles. In fact, there are many other types of hypocephali which are the same except for very few differences.
This research contains forty one hypocephali exhibited in different museums all over the world. The aim of the study is to focus on the baboons ' scenes specially their forms, positions, locations, their total number and their number flanking the seated four – headed god.
In the Old Kingdom the sacredbaboon or ape was associated with the patron of writing and wisdom god DHwty.Moreover, it was a manifestation of the moon god DHwty and it was a very strong relation between the baboons and the sun in Ancient Egypt because of their curious habit of warming themselves by the sun rays at the beginning of the day with raised paws after a very cold night to the extent that it was believed that these animals adored the solar sphere.
The association between the sun god Ra and the baboons can be presented in various ways such as the representation of baboons raising their paws at the obelisks ' pedestals in the worshiping attitude as well as on the facades of some of the temples that…

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