The Between China And China Sea

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Conflicting views Under the Obama administration, the term rebalancing has been stated when it comes to the relationships in the South China Sea. The point of rebalancing has come up when speaking about the confrontation in the South China Sea. The idea is that the United States wants to restore the original agreement by UNCLOS in order to give its allies a fair piece of the South China Sea and its resources. China views this not as rebalancing, but as suppression. China has stated that the United States just wanted to subdue China in the South China Sea and stop it development so it cannot compete. This along with other factors has created greater tension between these two powerful nations. In terms of the military, both of these nation boast the as one of the strongest militaries in the world, but fir different reasons. China has one of the world’s largest military’s in sheer numbers, mainly based on the ground. With the current confrontation and placement of the nine-dash line, China is quickly building its navy capable of moving around the world. All though they have the numbers china does not have the extensive reach that the United States has. China cannot move troops as far and as quickly. In addition china lacks the relationships with nation to build military bases around the world. What china does have are technological advances. For example the ASB missile that posses a great threat to US carrier groups. With the current and continuing growth of its military

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