The Between China And Taiwan

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“The campaign of the occupation lays the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the CSSTA under the sun stark naked; unfortunately, the pact is already passed. The forced adoption by the KMT highlights the Ma government’s arbitrary abuse of the power and infringement of the human right, leading to the constitutional crisis of the retrogression in democracy. It meanwhile stimulates civilians to ponder the rebirth of democracy.” (堅持,直到島嶼天光, see footnote , translation mine). The interaction of the trade activities between Mainland China and Taiwan always “successfully” draws attention from the global, but this time the fuel is directly presented in the manifesto of the Sunflower Movement--堅持,直到島嶼天光. People are mainly protesting the CSSTA [Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement, CSSTA] against the untransparent processes. This agreement, passed without the regular procedure, underlines the dark side of the Ma government and how it simultaneously summons up civilians to deeply think about what is now striking the democracy in Taiwan. In addition to the domestic problems originating from the CSSTA, the other vital issue our nation is encountering now is that Taiwan is standing at a lower position in this financial game. “The scales and structures of business are totally different between Taiwan and China. If we just accept the trade without detailed consideration, China is likely [taking] control over Taiwan by means of financial interactions, and it will lead to what Hong Kong
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