The Between Class And Alienation

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What are the links between Class and Alienation According to Marx? According to Marx the types of alienation are an inevitable outcome of a class structured society, which is why he foresaw communism as the solution to prevent alienation and its negative effects. A communist society could potentially resolve structural economic related alienation between humans by removing class conflict. However it does not account for alienation as a result of other forms of stratification such as gender and ethnicity, or existential alienation as the result of human agency or the unpredictability of human nature. Furthermore Marx 's theory only draws attention to those in work and does not consider the unemployed, children, students, or…show more content…
The alienation of the proletariat from the product and the production process enabled the bourgeois to maintain a position of power by selling products made by others for profit thus exploiting workers. This socio-economic alienation, as Marx saw it, could prevent social mobility by keeping wages low and guaranteeing an enslaved workforce. Marx 's theory of alienation from other humans could maintain existing class divisions as it prevented collective action and opposition by keeping people isolated. Long and tiring workdays enforced by bourgeoisie and petty bourgeoisie mean that the proletariats are unable to commune together in order to mobilise against the bosses. So alienation from 'species being ' would perpetuate class divisions because people would be compelled to take the work available to their class rather than personal preference, due to an immediate need for income. Without the resources to own the means of production, a proletariat is forced to sell their labour, thus cementing their position in the social strata. Therefore both class and alienation are the result of the industrialisation of society "Marx understood alienation as something rooted in the material world, alienation meant loss of control, specifically
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