The Between Classical And Classical Period And Hellenistic Period Essay

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As the Hellenistic society shifted away from the Classical ideals of perfectionism and idolization of the elites and gods in sculpture, artists began to be fixated on illustrating imperfection of a variety of individuals faced with ruthless authenticity of their emotional struggles. Whereas, Classical architecture focused on dedicating massive structures to the gods to emphasize their divinity, but Hellenistic architecture used advanced technology to exemplify Alexander the Great’s magnificence. Thus, differences in architecture can be seen in the sophisticated town of Alexandria with structures such as the lighthouse that show how Alexander the Great influenced town planning that was centralized on the creation of a superior city, likewise, The Altar at Pergamon expresses the loss of focus on the divine through unique sculptural techniques. Change can also be seen in the sculptures of The Boxer and The Old Market Woman as they are depicted to be imperfectly individualistic and in emotional distress. Between the Classical period and Hellenistic period, sculptural style change occurred leading to distinguishing features that showcase cultural values of the society. Carrie Tovar, Curator of Art in the College of Public Service and Community Solutions at Arizona State University, discusses in her article, Battered, But Unbeaten: A New Getty Acquisition, how artisans of the Hellenistic period possessed the ability to display the subjects of their pieces with ruthless
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