The Between Culture And Language Arts

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The authors of the two chapters built their cases around literacy practices from different prospective and stances. Alverman, a critical literacy specialist emphasized the importance of the popular culture usage as a natural societal connection with their peers in social groups. Other researches such as Paul gee focused also on the importance of reading embedding in social practices. his study seeks to expand the notions of space and composition, and to inform new pedagogies that utilize and respect the beliefs, experiences and practices of urban students. Dr. Alverman invested in the significance of critical literacy and investigated the relation between culture and language arts. Popular culture is a fertile means of social peer`s interaction. Alverman stressed on the fact that educators to enhance students` reading capabilities and achievement can use popular culture. She stated that “Classroom learning should not be confined to traditional texts,” Her research rationale about using pop culture in middle and secondary classrooms, in addition to the libraries and media centers, can connect adolescents with based learning and enhance their literacy level through motivation in and out of the classroom. This line of research, which re-examined the literacy notion and the students` literacy experiences outside the school, within popular culture context (Alderman & Hagood, 2000) is important as it allows students` demonstration of a broad spectrum of literacy skills in the

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