The Between European Union And The European Court Of Justice

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This essay will focus on the institutions in European Union. In the first, second and third section ,It provides details about the roles and compositions of the Council of Ministers , the European Commission , the European Court of Justice (ECJ).In the fourth section, it will illustrate the impacts on the national law of EU member states by the decisions from European Court of Justice. Council of ministers is composed of ministers from member states’ government. In fact , there are up to ten configurations with 28 nations which is one minsters from one state . The configuration of every meetings depends on the topic they are focusing. If the ministers’ portfolio is responsible for that topic , he/she must attend the meeting. For example , If it is about fixing subsidies to government , it defined as an agricultural council , then , national agricultural ministers will attend . If the council meeting on economic and financial affairs , the financial ministers of every country must attend and so on. The meeting must be held at least 1 -6 times a year. For the allocation of votes, It will depend on the population of each member states, for example , German holds more votes than Ireland. Council of ministers is the main decision making body in the European Union together with Parliament. According to the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, 2010, It stated that ‘ The Council shall, jointly with the European

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