The Between Female And Female Roles

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Psychologically defined, the term androgyny is used to describe and individual that presents both male and female traits equally and simultaneously. Whilst this individual is assigned one biological gender at birth, their own personal gender identity does not fit neatly into either the male or the female gender role of their society.

In many mainstream religions, God’s and Goddesses, posses one gender and a male and female distinct and separate beings, yet there is a long standing history of androgyny in mystical writings; that is to say the assertion that male and female qualities were originally contained within one body. The term androgyny is given its roots within Greek mythology. The major underlying assumption of both male and female sex roles is that an individual may act in either traditionally male or female roles, depending solely on the situation and needs of that given situation. According to Swain, D. In patriarchal societies men and masculinity have always been held in higher esteem to women and femininity. Men have always held a superior status and position in these societies. This can arguable be traced back to Aristotle who concluded that due to a males genitals being on the outside of the body, this made him “hot and dry” and to be hot and dry was to be superior. Women within these societies are often seen as lowers and not considered worthy or higher status jobs considered weak and lowered to childcare and domestic services.

That said some cultures have…
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