The Between Greece And Greece Essay

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Throughout the history of Greece, Athens and its citizens have always been a powerful force in the Ancient World. The name of their city is based on one of the strongest and most powerful goddesses to exist, Athena, so it is no coincidence that the Athenians exhibited characteristics that reflected their patron goddess when in situations of peril. During the reign of King Xerxes and his father Darius, Persia had risen to power, and had enslaved many groups including the Dorians, Indians and Ethiopians, and they felt that they should continue to consolidate their power until Xerxes held absolute control over the entire region. In order to do this, Xerxes had to gain control over Greece, in particular, Athens, and this was the challenge he struggled the most significantly. After multiple Persian invasions, Mardonius, Xerxes’ commander sent a message to the Athenians, stating that he would grant the Athenians amnesty, and give them back their land with extras, as well as let them have self government, if they stopped resisting him and joined his military alliance; this message also included many subtle threats. If I were an Athenian present during that time I would absolutely advise my fellow citizens not to accept Mardonius terms, because Athenians are a people who are intelligent and strong, and do not need to accept or succumb to the threats of a tyrant, because they already possessed the power to overcome these threats. This is proved through the fact that they knew Xerxes
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