The Between Grendel And Society

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“The state is an organization of violence, a monopoly in what it is pleased to call legitimate violence (Gardner, 119)." Grendel is monster that first appears in the epic poem Beowulf. Gardner later takes the character on for his own adaption. In Grendel the monster Grendel struggles with humans and his own inner demons throughout the whole book. Throughout history, people have been forced to use violence as a solution; But even in those instances, there was a negative force that required the use of violence. Humans have adapted their instincts to access a situation and do what they think is right. However we are flawed so we don’t always make the right decisions. Gardner’s views on man were correct. In the history of man; there has…show more content…
The want for money has only risen. Government is there to help but sometimes they fall short. Initially, in Grendel, he does not like humans because unlike animals they weren’t predictable. This paints an accurate picture for how citizens see their politicians.Then Hrothulf moves into Herot. He is Hrothgar’s nephew we are them given a first -hand taste of the type of ship Hrothgar runs. Hrothulf can see the evil that is right in front of him and tells this to his advisor the Red Horse. “"by violence they lock us in - you and me, old man: subdue our vile, unkingly violence (Gardner, 114)". This is referring to how the government is in the wrong. When the U.S. tries to control the population when they step out of line. Herot and the U.S. are similar but that would be going too far. The U.S. has a lot of problems but believing everyone that is involved in the government is always trying to help. There are certain situations that the politicians can’t control. This refers back to how Grendel thought that men were unpredictable. It would be impossible for the government to stop all the bad.The way the U.S’s government and Hrothgar’s are set up are similar. Because U.S. has corruption just like Hrothgar. Politicians are also makinga lot of money from their position. Grendel was published in 1971. In Grendel, Hrothgar is depicted as a crooked leader. He doesn’t fight his own battles and lets his others die instead. The Vietnam War began in
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