The Between Humans And Animals

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ves to kill of the unhealthy or weak members. When unnatural predation forced by humans makes way into the picture to simply hang the head of a beautiful, large mammal, it takes the important figures ability away to keep a population strong and protected. Another substantial issue caused by game hunts is when animals approached to be haunted escape, they pose a large threat on the native wildlife in natural ecosystems (Why Sport Hunting Is Cruel and Unnecessary, n.d.). Overall, this “exotic” pastime is opposed by the majority in the United States, resulting in the derivation of anti-hunting organizations and even the “No Hunting” signs often posted in even our own backyards. The opinions are subject to change depending on the motives of the individual hunter and the different uses of the sport.
The relationship between humans and animals has greatly evolved within the past 12,000 years. With this being said, the treatment of animals has as well, leading to different approaches we as humans take when it comes to the use or treatment of animals. Sentientist approaches to ethics are divided into two different types: animal welfare and animal rights views. The “animal rights” approach refers to views that credit individual moral rights to animals. Animal rights advocates are radicals who seek to abolish certain practices that involve the use of animals. These advocates are “driven by emotional attachments to animals rather than reason and are poorly informed about the nature of
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