The Between Interest And Action

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The definition of provocation in dictionary is an action or speech that makes someone angry or causes a strong reaction. However, in Tilden’s opinion, the purpose of interpretation is not to control people’s mind, but rather inspiriting visitors to think actively and find out deeper truth. Specifically, there are two main aims of interpretation. First and most important, people need to have desire to increase interests and acquire knowledge. People’s interest is an important element to decide not only whether they like to go to museums or not and the topic and trend of exhibition in the museum, but also what visitors can gain and their feeling of experience in the museum. There is a close relationship between interest and action.…show more content…
In other words, interpretation in the museum needs to provoke the mind and spirit of human and enable them to think the essence and further things. In the museum, as an operator of history and culture, interpreters can make an effect on how visitors think, feel and their attitude. The responsibility of interpreter is to develop the objects from the apparent to the essence, from a part to the whole, from the fact to its value and potential truth. This is also the reason why Tilden regards provocation as the prior aim of interpretation.

Nowadays, the main aim of museum has surpassed education. It is certain that the real meanings of interpretation are stimulating visitors and having a further thinking. And only provoking visitors can achieve this purpose. The essay below will mention several reasons that why provocation should be the chief aim of interpretation.

First of all, initiative of thinking of people might be provoked in the museum. For interpreters, the prior thing they want to achieve is that visitors can be attracted and give a feedback about their exhibition. In terms of visitors, Michael Baxandall divided visitors’ purpose of engaging in the museum into two aspects. Interesting objects and partly culture are the aims of coming to the museum for people. During the period of exploring the objects what they are interested in, people might have desire to know some more relevant objects. In psychology, William
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