The Between Islam And Middle Eastern Countries

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America is predominantly known as the melting pot of the world. It has cultivated a variety of populations in search for a “new life.” People from a variety of religions, races, and ethnicities live in this country and call it their home. People whom identify as Muslims are one of the many groups of people who live, work, and worship here. Since we live in a country where there are multiple religions and races, it is important that we learn their customs and culture. Muslims most commonly originate from Africa, and Middle Eastern countries. The religion of this group of people, Islam, developed in the seventh century. Islam helps put life into perspective and gives hope to the hopeless . The beliefs of Islam revolve around the Quran, which was written by the prophet Mohammad (Rippin, 2012 p. 5). As stated by Armstrong (2012), the formation of Islam can be summarized as, “a narrative that tells of the revelations given to the Prophet, the migration to Medina, the battles of the early community, the return to Mecca and the subsequent conquests under the Rightly Guided caliphs p. 88”. The religion of Islam that Muslims identify with is fairly new as compared to other religious such as Judaism and Christianity. The Quran holds three basic teachings; through law, the previous prophets ( Mohammed), and the final judgment ( Enlightment). Some of this parallels to what Christians refer to as the Doctrine and Bible of Christ. While many figures and stories found in the Quran…
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