The Between Man And Beast

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For as long as man can remember, the stars have been there to show the way across the land riddled with dangers. What path to take, what prey to kill, and what to avoid– they are the eternal watchers above, keeping us safe with their guidance, but also givers of unending powers for those who desire. The stars differ not between good and evil, only between man and beast. And that has always been our keen advantage until beast was no more, and man began to fight with himself. Man was then forsaken by the stars for his values and morals, unable to draw powers from looking at the starry sky. Yet as time once again passed, man discovered he wasn’t abandoned at all, just restricted– limited for his own good. Beast arose from near extinction and…show more content…
We’re in the middle of training!” A stern voice sounded out from behind a little boy whose face revealed a bright smile, a smile very unlikely to be the cause of the rigorous training all of the village kids in the training field were undergoing at the moment. Instructor Clave obviously understood this and therefore slapped the little boy across the back of his head, hard enough to produce a loud, crisp sound. “What’s happening? Where did the ice cream go?” the little kid asked with a question mark to his innocent, still effeminate face. As he turned around to see what ended his good dream prematurely, his smile disappeared akin to the speed of sound. There, the notorious Instructor Clave stood, those familiar, bulging arms that were as thick as iron-tree trunks once again about to unleash their fury upon the back of his head. He suppressed the reflex to scream. He stood up straight, fully knowing where he was. The training field was filled with kids all a couple of years older than him. Some looked at him disdainfully, some showed the hint of a smile, and some held their noses from laughter. The little kid swallowed hard. “Sorry, Sir Clave, I don’t know what happened. I must have fallen asleep.” “Of course you did, Philip! And it’s the third time today! Today!” Instructor Clave roared. “Oh and don’t bullshit me anymore, you clearly knew you would fall asleep. You’re just lazy enough to not care!” Instructor Clave was a man in his fifties. He had
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