The Between Pakistan And Pakistan

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After the battle of Palashi in 1757, the English set their colony throughout the indian sub-continent and they ruled 190 (1757-1947) years through great colonial impressions. In 1947 due to movement over all india and their own egarness to free india from their rule they gave the independence as two sovereign state named india and Pakistan where Pakistan had two parts- east Pakistan (todays Bangladesh ) and west Pakistan (todays Pakistan) Background of language movement: After the division, the two sovereign country became separated. Pakistan was consisted with two parts East Pakistan and West Pakistan with the distance of 5600 square miles, but the two parts were different from one another in many sectors including regional differences, political dissimilar, religious belief, economic importance and other sectors. Where East Pakistan was economically more solvent than West Pakistan and most of the people of west Pakistan were Muslim where the maximum inhabitants of east Pakistan were Hindu. On the other hand, there were various language talked in westPakistan, but the common language of east Pakistan was Bengali yet the autocratic ruler of west Pakistan wanted to make Urdu as the state language of Pakistan, then the political, economic, language related clashes took places in many times and one of them is the language movement of 1952. The reasons of Language movement: There were many legal reason behind the valiant movement for language in 1952, they are economic,
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