The Between Religion And Science

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All that I have ever known and believed in is now being questioned. It is transitioning into some sort of enormous trial – between religion and science. I have been taught to accept the religious, social, and political ideas that the Catholic Church has devised upon the world. For years, humans have believed and used Aristotle’s theory which explained Earth’s position in the universe. By the geocentric theory, Earth was said to be located at the center of the universe. The moon, the sun, and the other planets would orbit around Earth. Christianity supported these theories and used them to educate people around the world. Recently, there have been new discoveries and theories that have been proposed by countless amounts of scientists,…show more content…
In fact, he has invented analytical geometry which combines geometry and algebra. Issac Newton has formed the theory that interprets the law of motion. This law is recognized as the law of universal gravitation. There has also been an increase in the amount of new tools and materials. Zacharias Janssen created a new and improved microscope. It is currently being used to observe microscopic objects that you wouldn’t be able to see with a naked eye. There have been a wide variety of scientific tools that serve different purposes. The following are a collection of tools that share similar characteristics: mercury barometer, thermometer, and another scale for the thermometer. The thermometer is perceived to show temperatures in different weather conditions. These new methods, scientific tools, and theories are beginning to make an impact on the science community.
Throughout endless amounts of warfare, adversity, and hardship, humans have encountered unknown diseases and sickness. Some of these illnesses don’t come with cures and are unable to be explained. However, with the new technology and science that this century has recently discovered, illness will no longer be the main issue. Hopefully, humans will be able to experience a greater longevity than before. We are becoming more advanced in medicine and possessing enhanced expertise that will offer better solutions for a human’s health. Before, a man named Galen would only dissect animals to understand the
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