The Between Religion And Science

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In Apocalyptic Science Fiction, a major theme is the relationship between Religion and Science. Technology being like a religion is able to infer consequences that by being so consumed by it or self-dependent on it, that it can in fact negatively affect spirit or ethics. A work of Science Fiction has the capability to translate concerns that are religious or spiritual. The Machine Stops, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, and Blade Runner all translate concerns that relate to religion and technology and how they demand a enormous dependence on them to live day to day. There is an implied dependence on a technological system or appliance that is equal to dependence on religion. The machines used for technology, are worshipped in similar…show more content…
Much like how fear is instilled in people of Catholic religion of not upholding regular church services, or saying the Lord’s name in vain for fear of going to hell. The character, Vashti, believes the Book as being the true guide of life and follows all its teachings. Even Kuno believes that she is in denial because she is in fact worshiping the machine and not admitting so. She states the need for the Book, saying “all the fear and the superstition that existed once have been destroyed by the Machine… The Book says so” (Forster 10). Her existence is ruled by the Book and the systems that respond to Vashti’s needs, on both a physical and non-physical basis. She evangelizes the existence of the Machine to the existence of the Divine. This is quite similar to how people of catholic religion, or Judaism, submit themselves to religion and let it rule their lives. In the novel, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, animals are worshiped, as they had become a rarity due to nuclear war destroying the planet, along with most of its other lifeforms. This is in parallel to Hinduism; which deems animals, such as cows, as being very sacred and to be worshipped for the gifts they bring human life. In Blade Runner, the characters in the film parallel biblical characters. Eldon Tyrell is cast in the part of “God,” as he created the Replicants. The four Replicants that Deckard hunts down in the file are Roy, Pris, Zora and Leon, which act as
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