The Between Rock Stars And Celebrities

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Although a lot has changed since the early 1980’s, I agree with McFadden that the art of writing is being diminished by the stance that the masculine based English Language needs to be neutered. Gender neutrality is one of the main talking points in the United States today. The fact that Rock Stars and celebrities are weighing in on the topic means that the majority of the populace is actually paying attention. Although the biggest issue being which bathroom a certain individual can and cannot use is taking the main stage, there are other issues like how to address a person in a writing style. The English language is evolving under our eyes and we have the power to change how Politically Correct or Literally Correct writing will become in further generations. The flow of reading is a beautiful thing that can be lost when adding slashes and hyphens to identify the same group as before. Without a proper guideline there are already more ways to identify a group then I know. Different groups keep coming inventing PC prefixes to represent themselves without feeling repressed by The Man. Another point is that you cannot change a language without changing the society first. Whilst reading Shakespeare, methinks it arrant that language oft befall thy present society. This was the normal tongue and writing language only a few hundred years ago and now it is an archaic writing style that very few can interpret. My third piece of evidence is that masculinity can be overcome by a
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