The Between Science, Policy And Sustainability

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1 Introduction
The notion that there are limits to growth is not new to science. The debate that exponential population growth and economic growth, coupled with natural resources depletion, cannot be sustained has started already a few centuries ago with a ground-breaking publication: “Essay on the principle of population” Thomas Malthus in 1798. With more scientific knowledge developed around this debate, a reverse strategy was formed on the international political agenda called Sustainable Development, and nowadays became a widely used terminology.
This essay will outline the interplay between Science, Policy and Sustainability to address the following question: How Sustainable Development, Science and Policy are connected? It will do so by first illustrating how the sustainability debate began in science, how it later developed into a global political movement, and how it currently boosts scientific knowledge generation to think of solutions for establishing sustainable development.
2 Sustainable Development and synergy in Science & Policy
2.1 Limits to Growth
Key works for scientific community, that highlighted the notion that human activities could have severe and negative impacts on the planet, and that current patterns of growth need to change are: ‘Silent Spring’ (Carson, 1962), ‘Tragedy of the Commons’ (Hardin, 1968) and ‘Limits to Growth’ report for Club of Rome (Meadows, Meadows, Randers, & Behrens, 1972). The report 'The Limits to Growth ' by the Club of Rome,
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