The Between Socialism And Communism

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As the cultural Marxist ideology used by liberals in the United States today originates from Europe, understanding what politicians represent will go some way to avoiding further American decline, the slide into a police state and the belief that Obama is a Messiah.
The coming 2016 election is arguably the most important ever held. Consequences from the results decide the future of the United States and in which direction it will shift, towards European liberal fascism and equality based Human Rights, alternatively, a return to the constitution.
Not understanding leads to an inability to explain the difference between socialism and communism, or equality as an abstract. The well-fed social justice warriors of today have replaced the poverty class revolutionaries of yesteryear, with cultural Marxism, explained in an American context. The aims remain radical and utopic, as do the politicians behind the agenda.
Failure to understand European ideologies is why Bernie Sanders, posing as a Democrat, but a lifelong Maoist, can pass himself off as a socialist in the Democrat party. The disguise is what allows former Alinsky radical, Hillary Clinton, a multimillionaire progressive, to run as a Democrat.
The key to understanding ideologies therefore, lies in viewing politics as circular, not linear, with the centre at the top and the right and left of extremism meeting at the bottom. The choice is the Gestapo or KGB, concentration camps or slave labour camps and all ending without…
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