The Between The Atrium Aspect Ratio Under Different Heat Release Rate Of Fire

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Figure ‎2.6 Numerical experiment N.B with fire at atrium at 250 Sec [9]

Figure ‎2.7 Physical model P.M with fire at atrium at 250 Sec. [9]

It was concluded that the height of the atrium and the fan locations have obvious effect on the efficient abstraction. Atrium with height more than 30 m with exhaust fans located towards the ends may require attention to control the smoke abstraction efficiently.

Yi, Hou, Li and Feng & Chow [13] study the relation between the atrium aspect ratio under different heat release rate of fire the flooding time flow of smoke occurs and, 32 simulations were performed using a model, FDS (Fire Dynamics Simulator, Version 3). Table 2.4 shows the size of the atrium and HRR of steady fire. For the all simulations, (3×3×3) meter fire room was used, the fire was at the center of the floor of the fire room, and 27 m height atrium. The vents in the fire floor were both (2×1.5) meter with located at 1 m above the floor with 20 oC ambient temperature.
Figure 2.8 listed the early stage situation of the fire in a floor near to an atrium. The fire floor has 2 vertical vents named WA and WB and there are open to both the atrium and outside. The atrium ceiling is open, and it is assumed that there is an ideal isolation between the atrium and the adjacent floors.
At fire early stage, the smoke moves to outside and the atrium, and air from outside and the atrium moves inside the fire floor at the same time from the 2 vents. Figure 2.8 shows the

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