The Between Women And Women

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All throughout time women and men have been at different ends of the spectrum, meaning that men and women are never seen as equals. For some strange reason men have been viewed as more powerful and dominant over the female community. Notably, in today’s society, many women are view as less than or not equal to men. There are times when women do not get the same opportunities or chances as men, because it is believed that women are too weak and cannot handle the extra responsibility or work. Sadly, many women do not stand up for what is right; instead, they sit and just let it happen. This belief, most likely, started when the Creation Myths were analyzed and interpreted by men. However, once women began understanding the Bible themselves, meanings and ideas leaned toward the side of equality. In Genesis, woman and man have an egalitarian relationship since, God was not inferior when He was referred to as a helper, sexuality was not defined until woman was created, and man never received dominance over woman. In the beginning of Genesis, women were not directly introduced. Instead, God said, “…I will make him a helper as his partner,” (Genesis 2:18; NRSV) this ‘helper’ was obviously woman. Many people believe that since woman was a ‘helper’ that automatically means that she is lesser than man because she will adhere to his every whim, but that is not the case. The Hebrew Bible uses the word ‘ēzer to describe the person God will make, which usually translates to companion
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