The Bhopal Disaster And Its Causes And Effects Essay

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Now that we have an understanding of the Bhopal Disaster and its causes and effects, we can now try and understand the connection and importance that Indra Sinha’s Animal’s People has to the tragedy. In the first few pages of the novel, the narrator introduces himself stating, “I used to be human once. So I’m told. I don’t remember it myself, but people who knew me when I was small say I walked on two feet just like a human being,” (Sinha 1). As a reader, an introduction like this gets me curious to understand who or what the narrator really is or stands for. He had not even stated that he was an animal and as a reader, I inferred that it was a possibility. He goes on to state that this entire book is a record of his oral story on a set of cassette tapes. An Australian journalist named Phuoc and known as “Jarnalis” throughout the book had intentions of getting the victims stories out to the world, especially the story of this four-footed schizophrenic boy who went by the name “Animal”. Early on in the book, Animal argued why he did not want to tell the Jarnalis anything in the first place. “Somewhere a bad thing happens, tears like rain in the wind, and look, here you come, drawn by the smell of blood. You have turned us Khaufpuris into storytellers, but always of the same story. Ous raat, cette nuit, that night, always that fucking night” (Sinha 5). When Animal refers to that “fucking night” he is most likely talking about the Bhopal Disaster. In fact, Sinha’s book

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