The Bias Of Mass Media

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Argument toward certain topics began because the bias found in the mass media. According to University Wire, “[the media is the main reason why we’re]politically divided because the fundamental flaw in our mass media system is that we have two sides.” What two sides are we talking about? We’re talking about the democrats and republicans or in other words, liberal and conservative sides. Liberals are those who believe in changes and conservative are those who believe in traditional values. What is responsible for causing the nation to fall apart? Mass media. The three powerhouse in media are Fox News, MSNBC and CNN, they tend to be bias in their news reports. When the media give biased news, certain viewers tend to go along with what the…show more content…
For example, in 1798, Americans argued over whether if the First Amendment banned the government from interfering with planned publication or if it should also punish critics for publishing lies to the people. Another example, is both the Democratic National Committee AKA DNC and Politico developed statements that Trump is an agent of a foreign power. “DNC claims that in the United States, we prize journalistic objectivity and criticize those who break it. Objectivity is when a person’s feelings or opinions are not influenced even though facts are shown or given to them. The people that breaks objectivity begins to develop a more subjective perspective. A subjective perspective is based on or influenced by personal feelings, tastes, or opinion. A part of the public believes that the press is supposed to be objective. Although, objectivity is an outdated and harmful idea to many people within the field such as journalists and news reporters because it tends to censor the journalists, it leads to he-said-she-said coverage, favors the powerful and reinforces the status quo. The definition and practice of objectivity has altered over the years. Thomas Terry, a professor of journalism and communication at Utah State University, says that reporters are trying not to offend their audience whether they are “Democratic and Republicans, wealthy and poor, immigrant and native -- you had to appeal to all of those.” Has anybody

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