The Bible, A Controversial Topic Which Diverses From A

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The bible, a controversial topic which diverses from a numerous amount of opinions. From a young age, I was raised as a catholic and I never question it, even though it seems incomprehensible scientifically speaking. Then I learned, that that 's when faith comes in. Probably the most important factor is faith, commonly defined as complete trust in someone or something, but has develop a religious definition, strong belief in God or in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual apprehension rather than proof. People who believe in a God and people who are athiest have one thing in common, faith. Although, it play a different role, people who believe in a God have faith which changes based on their past and present experiences. For…show more content…
He starts of by addressing his beliefs on religion. He had religious parents, but once he had his own family, religion was never practice in their household. One day he received a call from his wife stating they had been in a in car accident which ended with the car in pieces but not a single scratch to his wife and daughter. For example, Cronin asserts, “It’s a miracle, I saw the whole thing, nobody should have survived”(65). This quote illustrates an idea of how bad the car cash must of been. So this becomes the turning point, because can be the scientific reason for them to come out unharmed. His daughter did not believe in God. He elaborates on the idea that his daughter is an atheist because out of arrogance and laziness, freethinking parents allow children to decide these things for themselves. Cronin feels guilty of his daughter 's decision because he believes he has failed to inform her about the concept of God. As in comparison to the bible the author describes the complex idea of God and the different perspectives people developed throughout the years. It talks about how the human curiosity rebels against God from early stages of human creation. For example the most common human disobedience by Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit. In addition the tower of Babel is an excellent example because it shows how what the concept of faith is. According to the story it was a time where one language was spoken and
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