The Bible And Its Influence On My Life

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I haven’t read very many books in my life, so the selection to choose from to find one that changed my life is very slim. Among those books is the Bible and none of the others have had anywhere near the impact this one has had on me. By reading the Bible, it caused me to have a better life by strengthening my relationship and connection with God. Growing up I always lived in a religious household. We always prayed before we ate, prayed before we went to bed, and always went to church on Sunday and Wednesday night. While I never questioned these actions and never tried to rebel against them, I still didn’t understand the importance of them either. I was merely walking in my parents footsteps, doing what my parents told me, singing along to the children’s songs in Sunday school, gave a tithing of my allowance every Sunday, but my life was void of the real meanings of my actions. This went on for years. Because I had not yet read through the Bible to understand why these actions had any meaning, they were just things I did all the time and I thought that was normal and that was what it meant to be a Christian. I always knew about the bible, it would be very hard not to when you live in a Christian household and not to mention my dad being the Senior Pastor at my church. These going through the motions continued into my teen years and being a typical teenager, I start to question why I was doing the things I would do. During all the questions I asked I started to drift away…

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