The Bible As A Source Of Hope, Strength, Truth And History

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The Bible is known single-handedly as the champion of the best-selling books the world has ever known. It is the holy and sacred text known to all the world, but specifically to those who believe in the Christian faith predominantly, but other religions also look to the Bible as a source of hope, strength, truth and history. The Bible was originally written in Greek and Hebrew, but over time has been translated into many of the world’s languages to accommodate those who believe in the Bible’s power but cannot read or understand Hebrew or Greek. People all over the world have bought this religious text, but there are still many countries in the world where the Bible is banned. Those found to have possession of this text can be in danger…show more content…
The Bible has multiple authors but the story remains interconnected and woven together to create a Biblical timeline of times in history that textbooks could not contain without the help of the Bible. There is no question that the Bible contains accurate details vital not only to the credibility of itself and the Christian faith, but to the history it contains as well. Free mentions the late professor at the University of Chicago in the studies of the Old Testament, Ira Maurice Price’s words “Old Testament history has become incandescent with the wondrous archaeological discoveries in Bible lands. Almost every period of that old Book has been flooded with new light out of the ruins of the past” (qtd in Free, 16). Though the Bible is known to be religious in most every sense, many historians also use the Bible as a timeline in order to determine the dates of other events that have happened in our world that are not clear in other records. Hans Debel, author of “The Multilingual Textual History of the Hebrew Bible” agrees with Free and Price. Debel’s research focuses on the different languages the Hebrew translation of the Bible has undergone, but Debel mentions scrolls found in the Dead
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