The Bible : Finding God Essay

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Finding God in History
The Bible provides Christian readers with an array of different themes and motifs within each book, but the main theme that encompasses the whole collection of works is the story of salvation history. Salvation history is the foundation and glue that holds together the wide compilation of books within the Bible. After the Fall of Adam and Eve, salvation history refers to God’s promise of salvation for human kind. The Bible is described as salvation history because the Bible tells the story of humanity’s fall into sin and evil, but there is still hope. When sin entered the world, humanity became dependent on God’s promise of salvation from original sin. Salvation history happens in the Old Testament through God’s covenants and then is brought to fulfillment in the New Testament with Jesus’ coming.
The promise of salvation in the Old Testament comes in the form of covenants made with the people God has chosen- the Israelites. God uses covenants with Noah, Abraham, and Moses to establish a relationship with His people and guide salvation history. The particular covenants with Abraham and Moses established the Israelite holy nation and dynastic line for when Jesus comes. Jesus’ arrival is not intended exclusively for the salvation of the Israelites but for the salvation of all humanity. There are multiple references to the Messiah’s coming in the Old Testament, and these references to Jesus can be found specifically in Genesis and Isaiah; Luke then uses…

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