The Bible Is God 's Word

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The Bible is God’s Word. It contains absolute truths believed by Christians everywhere.

It teaches humans how to live their lives, and guides them to do what is right. It tells people how

the world was created, and how mankind came to be. Put simply, a Biblical Worldview is

accepting all of this end everything else the Bible says, and applying it to one’s life, and for a

teacher, one’s classroom. A Biblical Worldview effects everything regarding education, from the

way one sees his or her students to the way one plans out curriculum. Even in seemingly secular

situations, Christians should always be showing the love of God. The term “Biblical Worldview”

may seem scary and complex at first, but in reality, it can be defined quite simply.

According to Foundations of Christian School Education, “for a Christian, there is no

secular domain” (Gangel 60). This means that a Christian is representing their religion, and God,

at all times, even in “secular” circumstances. Therefore, Christians, especially Christian

educators should have and live by a Biblical worldview. At its core, a Biblical Worldview is

simply placing God’s Word at the center of one’s life. In The Christian View of God and the

World, James Orr states that “there is a definite Christian view of things, which has a character,

coherence, and unity of its own, and stands in sharp contrast with counter theories and

speculations” (Orr).

A Biblical Worldview has certain characteristics centered around
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