The Bible Is The Story Of God Essay

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How are we to approach Scripture? Are we to come without any preconceived ideas or notions? Or are we to approach Scripture with all tradition and experience? The truth is, everyone reads the Bible from a perspective; meaning everyone comes with preconceived ideas of what the Bible means—what they think it means. People cannot help but read their lives into the Scriptures. However, because the Bible is divinely inspired, God is able to overcome those ideas so that his truth is clearly seen. Therefore, is one approach to reading, interpreting and understanding the bible better than another? Can certain approaches to the Bible affect the Bible’s authority? Absolutely. Ultimately the Bible is the story of God, not the story of people. Therefore, what God (and Jesus) does and says, is of utmost important and everyone else in the Bible is a minor character that certainly brings understanding, but not the main point. Therefore, two examples come into view in their approach to Scripture; Phyllis Trible, a feminist theologian and N. T. Wright, an English New Testament scholar. In as much as they differ in their approach to Biblical authority and interpretation, they reveal the challenges of giving the Bible the authority it is due. Specifically, Trible approaches the Bible by focusing on all the unjust treatment of women; whereas, Wright focuses on what is missing from Scripture and the churches need to fill in the gaps. In each example, there are clearly strengths, that give the
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