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Romans Chapter twelve

1. As a new lieutenant in the Bridgewater Corps, I have discovered the absence of a weekly bible study. My first order of distinction is to add Bible study to my weekly calendar, because without the studying of the word, there is no growth. It is also important for Christian to study the word of God regularly and fellowship together.
2. The importance of the Bible is for us to study God’s word daily and be accountable for each other. This Bible will bring to their attention the behavior and customs of this world and our identity in Christ.
3. The Bible study will be led by the new lieutenant.

4. The congregation and their family are invited to attend the Bible study. This Bible study is also acceptable for the new believer to attend because it is talking about Transformation.

5. This Bible study is for the local leader as well as new believers to encourage them in their walk of faith.
6. Upon conclusion of the lesson question and discussion is included.

7. The class will meet every Wednesday at 6:30 to 7:30pm in the Corps liberty lounge.


The book or Romans are written by Paul to emphasize the foundation of the Christian faith. It also gives clear, everyday instruction in what to believe and how to behave. Paul in addition, means taking personal responsibility in our action toward Christ. The mega theme is sin, which means rejecting to obey God’s will and declining to do all that God wants of us.

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