The Bible Talks About Perfection And Spiritual Maturity

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Perfection, what is it? Is it getting things totally the way we want it? Who says what perfection is? In our Christian life, God says what perfection is, but if God says what perfection is and he is perfect perfection, how can we as humans make it to that level of perfection? The Bible talks about perfection in many ways. Most of the time it is used in the form of a human’s spiritual maturity. Humans will never reach perfect perfection until they get to heaven. While we are still here on earth, we are continually striving for another meaning of the word perfect, which is the perfection that God has, actual perfection. As long as we are trying to have the best maturity possible, we will get the best that God has for us while we are on earth. We will climb to the level of maturity that God expects of us.
Not only does the Bible talks about God’s perfection and spiritual maturity, but it also talks about knowing the complete will of God, knowing all of what God wants you to understand and do. Still another meaning is finished. Several times in the Bible it talks about Jesus being finished with his work, or it talks about Jesus needing to finish his work. This is just part of the different meanings. The word perfect has still more meanings. One of those meanings is shown when we keep God’s commandments and love one another. The Bible tells us that God’s love is made perfect in our hearts, which basically means that we can feel the full effect of it or it is fully…

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