The Bible Tell Us And The Beginning Of The World

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There was a time when Adam enjoyed a relationship with God, without sin. The time is unspecified, but for a time, he was close to and talked with God in perfection, uninhibited, freely communicating with him, free of fear, no sin, no sickness, no evil and no distractions. Genesis 3 states that Eve ate the fruit first, but Romans 5 states that Adam caused sin to enter the world. This has led many people throughout history and even in our modern times to believe that Eve was solely responsible for the original sin. If Eve was the sinner, then should Adam be responsible for her actions and ruin God and Adam’s relationship, however, the bible tells us, disobeying God by eating of the tree of knowledge of good and evil is a thing that a…show more content…
With any of these relationships, love can play a factor, and I also think there are two different kinds of love. I consider worldly love or relationships to be more about self, Worldly love is always self-focused, self-centered. People often give the reason why they love someone because of the way he or she makes them feel. This is a worldly love because it is about “SELF.” A man who says he “loves” his car, home, or job does so because he is usually thinking about all the benefits he derives from them. The world always values people and things based on their usability. Worldly love causes people to control and manipulate others so they meet your needs. It envies what others have, is rooted in pride, and causes division and separation between people. Then there 's one that is called an agape love/ relationships and it 's from the bible. In the bible, it mean’s God 's relationship with all of us. It is the agape kind of love which God has for us, and for which we are commanded to have for one another. Even our expression of agape love is but a pale example of God’s agape love for us. Let us look at how this agape love is portrayed in the New Testament, Agape it is a translation of the Greek word ‘Love/relationships’. Agape love is a thinking, rational, kind of deliberate love that is motivated by what is holy and good. It is an unselfish, unfailing and sacrificial love. It is always about the other person, what is in their best
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