The Bible : The God Of Creation

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The biblical metanarrative touches the storyline of the main book, the Bible, from the beginning from Genesis to the end of Revelation. Throughout the bible there are many stories that have a message and come across to Christians that relate to their life. The bible is one book with many events that tells one big story. There are five acts of the biblical metanarrative consists of which are, Act I: The God of Creation, Act II: Sin Enters the World, Act III: God Covenants with Israel, Act IV: Jesus and the New Covenant, and Act V: The Fellowship of believers. Each of these Acts have stories about the life of Jesus that has a meaning Christians relate to.
Act I: The God of Creation is the beginning of the biblical metanarrative where it talks about God is one and only in the book of Genesis. God is the creator of things which makes him sovereign over all things. Throughout the whole book of Genesis it speaks about the powerful God created the world and everything about it. This act relates to Christian worldview because everyone and everything were created for a reason and we should all cherish it. With that leading into Act II: Sin Enters the World, God created humanity in his kingdom with the story of Adam and Eve. Basically this story of Adam and Eve the first people of God’s creation rejected his authority by eating the interesting apple from the tree. The reason of their choices was with the help of Satan, Gods adversary. After this occurred the concept of sin…

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