The Bible : The Testament And The New Testament

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The Bible is a collection of stories and teachings made up of two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament, as well as the Pentateuch or the first five books of the Bible. The Pentateuch and Old Testament follow the days of creation, the stories of Moses, and all that happened before Jesus was born. The New Testament follows the life, teachings, and death of Jesus. Before the Bible was written around 3000 years ago, it was told through narratives, poetry, and songs. Much like fairytales, which are a non-religious way of teaching kids to be safe, such as in Hansel and Gretel, making smart decisions, such as in Sleeping Beauty, or to not talk to strangers, such as in Little Red Riding Hood; the Bible is used to teach people as a whole, with the stories of how the world was created or the creation of The Ten Commandments. The characters in the Bible often mimic true human behaviors and this makes it more relatable for people, for example, Elijah being suicidal or Moses having to find his own faith and his own true self. This can be connected to something like Shakespeare, each of his characters, though quite dramatic, all have a tragic flaw that often aides in the failures of the character but each tragic flaw is extremely human. Many times the Bible or the Christian religion itself has been said to influence our moral compasses as we try to “walk in the light of Jesus” and it does influence us even if we are not aware of it, but there is always a science behind this,
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