The Bible 's Genealogy Of Jesus

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In Matthew 1, it talks about the bible’s genealogy, about who is who’s son and the family line until the present time at that time. It not only represents the genealogy but it shows the creation of the universe and man. In the KJV version, Jesus’ name is mentioned as Jesus Christ which is the same meaning as the Messiah (Hill, 75). The genealogy of Jesus starts from verse 1 to 16. In verse 16, it is telling the part of the genealogy where Jesus comes in and has his earthly parents be introduced. Joseph and Marry are married but as a virgin, Mary receives Jesus in her womb by the holy spirit. Later on in the text, the story of Jesus’ unique birth is presented. An angel of the Lord came to Joseph in a dream and the angel told him that Joseph will have a wife and that she will bear a son. Joseph was shocked and so the angel told Joseph that she is pregnant through the holy spirit and that the baby is to be named Jesus. In Greek, Jesus’ name means, Yahweh is Salvation (Hill, 79). Joseph obeys the angel and takes Marry as his wife and names the baby Jesus (KJV Bible, Matthew 1:18-25). Joseph was able to do all these things because he believed that God was with him.
In Matthew 2, when Jesus was born, the magis have been traveling from place to place to see where the king of the jews was so that they could worship him. When King Herod heard of Jesus being the king of the jews, he was troubled and so he called the magi’s and told them that once they find Jesus to report back to him…
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