The Bible 's Leadership As A Responsibility And Service Essay

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Thus, Adam in many ways acts not only as a husband but also as a father to Eve and is thereby responsible for her actions as any father is. This is how and why Adam is to be blamed for original sin. Today, people tend to view leadership as some sort of great privilege. However, the bible describes leadership as a responsibility and service. This is best described in (Mark 10:41-45). This means that the husband being in a leadership makes him responsible for whatever happens among those under him. Despite the fact that this does not absolve Eve of all her guilt, it however, implicates Adam much more than it does her. Many scholars argue that if Adam had done the right thing and punished or warned Eve of her transgressions, then perhaps the fall of man would not have occurred. Leadership means that Adam was expected to answer for him and for Eve as well. The point of the argument seems to revolve around the fact that God made Eve as a lesser creature who was less intelligent when compared to Adam. This, therefore, makes her less accountable for her suggestion to defy God (Kuam et al., 67). The fact that the serpent chose to come to Eve when he decided to tempt the two human beings showed that it too believed that Eve was less likely to question his argument. However, in the case of Adam, the scripture appears to show that he had been bestowed with every perfection, including a great understanding of all commands that God had given him. Eve’s actions were a mere reflection of
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