The Biblical Figure Of Job And Greek Hero Achilles

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The biblical figure of Job and Greek hero Achilles both see various ups and downs in their lives and those experiences made them realize that the world they lived in was not meant to be sought after. They both gave sacrifices, yet kept devoted to their faiths. Job 's trials were not just casual, so-called blows of fate, but had an immense and profound meaning. Job experienced severe tests in which every time he manifested brilliantly; firmly clinging to the Lord. He became to the realization that the world offers nothing but injustice and misery. Job was ruined at the end of a day. Because of theft, natural disasters and consequences of wars, Job became poor. The period of great prosperity had happened. As the third messenger reported the terrible news Job, came as the final blow to the report of the fourth messenger, who announced the sudden death of his ten children as a result of a catastrophe of nature. Job did not understand it either lost a child, and not two, but ten all together: seven sons and three daughters. The whole family happy was suddenly destroyed. A test of unimaginable dimension! When the coffins were lowered into the freshly dug grave Job fell to the ground, worshiped him and said, "The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; is the name of the Lord" (vv. 20, 21). The hell with Satan in front saw with astonishment and fear, how this servant of the Lord was unswervingly clung to his Lord when collapsed all his earthly existence. This is a victory in the

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