The Biblical Interpretation Of ' Exodus ' And'song Of Solomon '

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After Reformation period, the allegorical biblical interpretation was criticized and rejected by contemporary biblical interpretation theory, and a lot of Christian evangelical churches. However, as a long tradition stems from the early church, allegorical interpretation has never been disappeared; on the contrary, it was one the most important exegesis tradition in the history of Chinese Protestant Church. Many fundamentalist theologians and church leaders were influenced by this method, while Jia Yuming is one of the representative figures. The aim of this paper is to present the characteristic of Jia Yuming` s allegorical biblical interpretation, and to explore the contribution of his exegesis in Sino-Christian theology. Jia` s allegorical biblical interpretation was influenced by several theological thoughts. Graduated from Presbyterian seminary, he accepted reformed theology, and then he was influenced by pietistic theology and Charismatic movement, turned to allegorical exegesis. In this paper, I will take Jia` s interpretation of "Exodus" and "Song of Solomon" as examples to analyze its characteristics. The book of Exodus consists of two genres, narratives and laws, which were interpreted by Jia` s allegorical method. The "Song of Songs" is considered to be the most obscure book to interpret in the Bible, and is often interpreted as an allegory.

1. An allegorical interpretation based on trichotomy of human nature: Spirit, soul, body
The trichotomy of human nature
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