The Biblical Passage Of Joseph

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In this paper, I will analyze and compare the differences between the Biblical passage that tells the story of Joseph and a movie that portrays the story of Joseph. The Biblical passage of Joseph is in Genesis. Its starts in Genesis chapter 37 and ends in chapter 46. This is the story of Joseph and his brothers, the sons of Jacob. The movie that I have chosen is called Joseph: King of Dreams. This movie was directed by Rob LaDuca and Robert Ramirez and, it was released in the year 2000. I chose this animated movie because it closely retails the story of Joseph, and it is adapted to be suitable for all ages. Even though the movie has some differences from the Biblical story. I will later analyze why those differences change the context of the original Biblical story and how those changes influence the audience.
When Joseph was born, his father Jacob or Israel was elderly. Joseph had ten older half-brothers, who were the sons of his father, but not his mother. When Joseph grew up, his father taught him how to read and write. Joseph’s father loved him more because he had Joseph in his later ages. When Joseph was around seventeen, he took care of the sheep with his brothers, but he did not work in the field like his brother. His father wanted him to be always around him and his older brothers envied him for that reason.
One night, Joseph had his first dream and told his brothers about the dream. This makes his brother envy and hate him more because they said the dream said that…
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